Making Knowledge Actionable

We enable your novices to perform like experts

10,000 people per day reach retirement age…when they retire, does what they know and what they do walk out the door? 
KNOWLEDGE is like a machine or engine in our heads that enables us to perform skillfully, make decisions, and solve problems. And organizations have two types of knowledge as assets – explicit and tacit knowledge.
EXPLICIT knowledge is all the information contained in manuals, databases, the Internet – the knowledge captured in those documents and programs.
TACIT knowledge is the expertise that exists in the skills and experience of experts – what they can’t relay well without special methods to express and impart that knowledge to others.
“If capital is what produces a stream of income, then it follows that knowledge is a form of the new capital.… A strong argument can be made that information capital can be more critical to the future of the American economy than money capital.”
Walter Wriston, former CEO of Citicorp

Jerry has over 30 years of experience in performance technology, publishing, and information architecture. He has extensive Task Analysis (TA) and Competency Development (CD) programs and assisted in the implementation of IT systems for integration of TA and CD requirements with training and performance support solutions. Over the last several years he has consulted on and managed Department of Defense training and performance support projects, directly supporting integration of performance systems for information technology (IT) networking and communications. He has been trained in Knowledge Engineering and Technologies by Nick Milton, Chief Knowledge Architect for Tacit Connexions and author of Knowledge Acquisition in Practice. Jerry manages the day to day operations of k-based and is the Chief Knowledge Engineer and integrator for all knowledge solutions. 



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