Making Knowledge Actionable

We enable your novices to perform like experts

10,000 people per day reach retirement age…when they retire, does what they know and what they do walk out the door? 
KNOWLEDGE is like a machine or engine in our heads that enables us to perform skillfully, make decisions, and solve problems. And organizations have two types of knowledge as assets – explicit and tacit knowledge.
EXPLICIT knowledge is all the information contained in manuals, databases, the Internet – the knowledge captured in those documents and programs.
TACIT knowledge is the expertise that exists in the skills and experience of experts – what they can’t relay well without special methods to express and impart that knowledge to others.
“If capital is what produces a stream of income, then it follows that knowledge is a form of the new capital.… A strong argument can be made that information capital can be more critical to the future of the American economy than money capital.”
Walter Wriston, former CEO of Citicorp

Knowledge Capitalization is an active process of specific knowledge capture and representation to support workers at the time of need – when they are performing a task. The process maximizes the knowledge and expertise of an organization to produce higher revenue, profits and overall organization value.


How do we help you maximize your Knowledge Capital?

We help organizations take advantage of their most important asset – the knowledge and expertise of their workforce. We capture,  organize, display, and share the explicit and tacit knowledge of an organization and make it actionable by connecting it to work performance when it’s needed.

We use research-proven methods to capture an organization’s expert knowledge and employ specialized tools to organize, represent, and share that knowledge with both humans and machines. We produce knowledge bases, expert systems, and other knowledge platforms to enable higher performance and greater productivity ... making a true capital asset of your organization’s knowledge; it is actionable and available to your workforce now and in the future.

What does it mean to “make knowledge actionable”?

We develop solutions that connect workers to the knowledge they need at the time they need it – when they are performing a task, making a decision, solving a problem. This may include the tacit knowledge of experts or the explicit knowledge from documents, spreadsheets, databases, or web sites. Workers have immediate access to the knowledge they need so they can act on it when they need it.

What is tacit knowledge capture? 

Tacit knowledge is the expertise that exists in the skills and experience of experts – what they can’t relay well without special methods to express and impart that knowledge to  others.

An example of tacit knowledge capture is how to recognize a face. We do it every day, but we usually can’t say how we do it. However, law enforcement agencies have methods and tools to represent a face for recognition. An expert artist will interview a witness and ask specific questions about the features of that face. They will then use tools (software or sketch pads) to visualize the face, modifying and changing the features until the witness says “That’s it!”

Our process of capturing tacit knowledge is comparable – our knowledge engineers use research-proven interview methods and software tools to represent expert knowledge until the expert says “Yes, that’s it!" 

We don’t “extract” the knowledge from an expert’s brain but we help to coax it out of them through specialized interviews and methods proven to capture that knowledge so that it can be understood by humans and machines.


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